At Tunbridge Wells Ayurvedic massage comprises of Technique, Balance, Oil and Herbs. The most important factor is the soothing effect it has on the body. The whole combination of knowing the Anatomy of a human being, skilled in delivering the massage through connecting to the various important points and pain points, superior knowledge of Oil, herbs and resultant in better well being and mental health along with physical refreshes it detoxifies the body

Ayurvedic Message is designed to Body, Soul and Heart in a constant holistic equilibrium, where each plays an important part in relaxing each other for maximum benefit. The human body can be divided into 3 types ( vaat, pith, kaff ), the human body and spirit is referred as Dhosha

The oils which work on the channelizing the body pores and energy is called Srotas, when it clears toxins is called Ama, the Ayurvedic massage is all about clearing toxins, creating body and soul harmony.

Podi Kizhi Full Body Massage

Special Ayurvedic massage with herbs,  consists of small bundles packed with Ayurvedic herbs. Heating the potli releases active plant chemicals. These are traditionally made. The massage technique along with the heat helps increase local circulation, increase metabolic rate and this in turn helps to increase metabolism of fat by thermogenesis.

Best Abhyangsnana Treatment in Tunbridge

Special Ayurvedic Herbal Facial gives natural face lift, improves skin tone, helps prevent wrinkles and soften existing lines. Smoothing the wrinkles and massaging the underlying muscles of the face can help relieve tension in the face, neck and head, smooth ageing lines and give the face elasticity, giving a younger looking skin. It is done according to the skin requirements.